We believe

  • What unites us as children of God is greater than the theological differences that separate us.

  • We are called by Christ to be on this journey together.

  • We are called to attend to not just what Jesus died for, but what he lived for.

  • Centuries of misunderstandings and violence can be best undone by listening to each other and serving the world side by side.

  • The best theologies emerge when we take each other’s stories seriously.

  • We haven’t read the Bible correctly if it doesn’t impel us to go out to love and serve our neighbor.

  • Jesus invites personal and cultural transformation into God’s non-violence, inclusion, healing, and wholeness.

Matt and Justin still can't believe they've found a spiritual home where they are loved, welcomed, and celebrated for who they are.

“We wanted a spiritual base that included strong community, diverse voices, and a passion for social justice. I love that we hear the gospel messages from so many different perspectives. Children are welcomed and included, and we are encouraged to ask and wonder about—well, just about everything.”
— Margaret Armstrong