Looking for a place where your children will be cherished and make lasting multigenerational relationships? We nurture our young people’s spiritual development and engage them in active roles during worship. (We also have high-quality childcare available.)



Sunday School: Classes for children from 2 years old to 5th grade are offered every other week between services, beginning September 22. Our Sunday School teacher is a retired elementary school educator, and she emphasizes community, respect, care for the earth, and inclusivity in her lessons. No Sunday School is offered on the Final Sunday or during summer.

2019/2020 Sunday School Schedule.


Tweens: Our tweens meet between services, often with trips to Starbucks, and occasionally in the evenings.

Youth Group: Our teenagers meet between services and gets together at other times for fellowship, learning about other religions and social justice issues, and just for fun! They also make an annual youth mission trip. Confirmation classes are offered every other year.